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true flite wedge pad

True Flite Degree Pad

$6.77 PAIR

Brand: Victory
Categories: Pads, Plastic and Rubber Pads

TRUE-FLITE shock absorbent pads stand apart from other hoof pad products because: 1. TRUE-FLITE pads are consistent - a specific formulation of ingredients is used to make our pads so that they perform - EVERY TIME! 2. TRUE-FLITE pads are reliable - won't crack or tear - even in extreme temperatures! 3. TRUE-FLITE pads are economical - farrier call-backs for service are unnecessary - positive results every time! TRUE-FLITE Degree Pads will not cut through at heels. Pads retain their shape and remain pliable even in the coldest temperatures. Use to raise or lower hoof gauge.

true flite wedge pad

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