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Thoro'Bred Aluminum Queens XT Race Plate

Thoro'Bred Aluminum Silver Queen XT Race Plates

$13.09 SET

Brand: Thoro'Bred
Categories: Horseshoes, Racing Plates, Shoe Style

The SILVER QUEEN XT FRONT features a toe area is designed with an optimal breakover relief that helps to reduce muscle, tendon and ligament strains. The XT toe insert protrudes .080″ (2mm) above the aluminum surface and provides longer wear in the toe area, and there is a stepped shelf in back of the toe grab that increases forward bite for quicker times. Our WIDE WEB Series is thicker, wider and stronger than traditional racing plates and the tapered sole relief is improved to help reduce sole pressures and bruising. Now with more nail holes for increased nailing options and an improved overall shape with a deeper fullering to keep nail heads tight.

Thoro'Bred Aluminum Queens XT Race Plate

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