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R.A.T.E. Hoof Dressing

R.A.T.E. Hoof Dressing [32 oz.]

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Brand: R.A.T.E.
Categories: Hoof Care, Hoof Sealants, Hoof Aids, Products

R.A.T.E Hoof Balance - “The Balance to Foundation” Extra and excess moisture from the outside environment is not conducive to maintaining a healthy hoof. Hooves that are too soft and weak from moisture and urine cannot stand much use. Providing the hoof with a protective barrier from a wet or dry environment, R.A.T.E Hoof Balance keeps the internal, systemic moisture in the hoof wall and the external moisture out. It leaves the hoof in with its natural balance keeping it strong and tough. Providing a protective barrier from foreign material, this 100% All-Natural solution is easy to apply, scent-free and safe for you and your horse. R.A.T.E Hoof Balance soothes a dry and brittle hoof through its organic compounds emollient action. It fights dull, shelly, and cracky walls and is an excellent preventative to hoof problems like Wall/Sole Separation,White Line Disease, Thrush, and Abscesses.

R.A.T.E. Hoof Dressing

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