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PFerd Hoof Plane Rasp

Pferd Hoof Plane Rasp

$80.05 EACH

Brand: Pferd
Categories: Tools, Pferd Rasps, Rasps & Files, All Rasps & Files

With this new hoof plane, PFERD presents an innovative, extremely effective and cost-efficient product for smoothing and shaping horse hooves. Its outstanding cutting performance ensures fast results while minimizing physical effort and back strain during use. At the same time, rapid stock removal and a high-grade surface finish are guaranteed. Unlike conventional products, this hoof plane does not have rasp cut or cross cut faces but possesses milled teeth on both sides (one fine, one coarse side). It can be used for planing the hoof surface, trimming the hoof wall and filing the toe. Thanks to the high material quality employed, even hoof nails can be dressed with this tool after shoeing; neither the nails nor the steel of the horseshoe will cause its teeth to become blunt. Supplied as a rectangular file with tang, teeth on all four sides.

PFerd Hoof Plane Rasp

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