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kerckhaert kings plate

Kerckhaert Aluminum Kings Flush Toe Race Plate

$6.14 PAIR

Brand: Kerckhaert
Categories: Horseshoes, Kerckhaert Kings, Aluminum, Racing Plates, Shoe Style

The Kings Plate is used in turf racing and is often used in the early training stages of the race horse. It is also a very good shoe for the western pleasure show horse and smaller hunters. The features of this shoe include a flush toe insert, sole relief, good nail placement with plenty of options, and a heel taper that saves time. The web of the shoe is slightly wider providing a good base of support and strength to prevent spreading. Shoes are symmetrical. Punched for 3-1/2 Race, 3-1/2 Race XL, 4-1/2 Race or 4-1/2 Slim.

kerckhaert kings plate

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